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Breach and Clear


Shotgun door breach, flash grenade followed by a 3-man entry team. In this dynamic entry video we see Instructor Zero communicate with hand signals after using a fibre optic camera to see through the keyhole of a locked door. It is then breached with a shotgun then a flash grenade is used before entry. This […]


Zero Sterling Grip: BONUS Extended Version


The Zero Sterling Grip is a series of techniques developed by Instructor Zero under countless hours of range and field analysis. This video is only a portion of a series of techniques to be released in the near future.



Elite Gun Fighter vs Elite Knife Fighter Ep1


Mythbusters experiment done by subject matter experts. This new mini-series by Funker Tactical explores multiple angles, scenarios, operating conditions and possibilities […]


Zero's First Time With The Bushmaster ACR


Zero’s first time with the Bushmaster ACR MultiCaliber! This video shows clips from Zero’s first time handling the Bushmaster ACR – Multi-Caliber. This video is incomplete. There were several clips submitted to our editing facilities that were incompatible. Gun Noob had just found an awesome song and wanted to complete an edit without having all […]