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Weapon Retention | Covering Your Slide

Rener Gracie discusses firearm retention during an attack and demonstrates the ability to cover your slide while firing, thus protecting it from being stripped away from you. This technique will cause your firearm to jam after each shot, forcing you to rack the slide to chamber another round. Does the benefit of added control over your […]



SHOCKING: Weapons Confiscated by Airport Security

Recently, a Samurai sword was discovered in a carry-on bag at the Boston Logan International Airport and a knife was found under the insole of a shoe at Detroit Metropolitan Airport.After its annual review, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) released a shocking list of weapons confiscated from passengers trying to board planes in the past […]


Facebook Targets Firearms Community

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Facebook to stop all weapons advertising

Facebook to stop all weapons advertising

If you’re a gun enthusiast, Facebook is about to kill most of the pages you enjoy visiting. If you’re a weapons manufacturer who relies on Facebook to sell your goods, be prepared for a significant drop in sales because things are about to get ugly.


The Deadly Art of Kali - CQC's Dirty Little Secret


Kali is the deadly Filipino weapons Martial Art that is fast becoming ingrained into the training of Special Forces Units world wide. We go beyond the iconic Karambit into the soul of this deadly art. Doug Marcaida has taught elite units including United States Force Recon Marines jungle warfare training in the Philippine Islands, Spetznaz Unit Alpha and the Belgian Special Police.