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Three Reasons Why The AXTS MI-T556 is My Rifle of Choice

There are a lot of rifles that are accurate; some of them could be considered hard use and others – not so much. AXTS Weapons is an Oregon based rifle and rifle accessory manufacturing company that most will recognize as the makers of the popular Raptor Charging Handle. If you have not heard, AXTS does […]


Avtomat Podvodny Spetsialnyy | Underwater Assault Rifle

Developed in the USSR in the 1970’s by Vladimir Simonov, the APS was created in response to the ever increasing threat from enemy Frogmen or Combat Divers.  It is a fully-automatic, gas operated rifle that was designed to be effective underwater, and to a lesser degree, above water as well. Up until that time, a […]


Flexible Weapons | Don't Be One Dimensional

Please understand that I do not encourage or enjoy the use or carrying of weapons and I urge you to consult and follow all [Federal/State/Provincial/Municipal] laws and regulations before you even consider the responsibility. The historic Ninja, more accurately Shinobi, Shinobi-no-mono, or Kusa were masters of many different skills.  Most notably escape and evasion.  Escaping hostile […]


Rare Collection of Tiffany & Co. Pistols

Finally, something at Tiffany’s for me. This collection of fine pistols from Tiffany & Co. were designed to demonstrate the elegance and power of American Industry by creating such beautiful works of art using methods that were unachievable by others at the time. Tiffany & Co. formerly made decorative swords for Officers during the Civil […]


Shots Exchanged | Guard vs. 3 Armed Robbers

A security guard in Florida responds perfectly to the approach of three armed gunmen. Notice how he steps offline and immediately engages the three suspects from behind the cover of his post. “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.” Are you confident that your own training would prepare […]