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Fighting With One Hand | Training for Reality

Do you train to fight with one hand? Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics and Funkertactical.com contributor, discusses one hand shooting techniques in the first video then puts them in context in the second.  There are a lot of take aways here. [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/u_dem_jTskg”] [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/bPo3PPWMdZo”]


Stoppage Clearances | Are You Wasting Time?

A common idea is when a shooter encounters an interruption in the cycle of operation, he or she should perform SPORTS.  If the shooter observes an obstruction during the observe portion of that action; he or she should then perform remedial action.  I am offering that one can get to the appropriate action much faster […]


The Funker Tactical Team

Funker Tactical is simply an umbrella comprised of passionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to something. Each member represents their own team. Together, we are redefining concepts on holistic training through intellectual exchanges of ideas and concepts. DANIEL SHAW DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS DANIEL SHAW is a retired US Marine infantryman with multiple combat tours […]


The Importance of Using a Gym

[liveleak id=”i=d4e_1416596419″] Watch what happens when these to guys start to “spar” out on the street. Ignoring the damage that a fall like that can cause, these guys don’t seem to have any technique or formal training. What this video really shows is the dangers of not training properly. If you don’t know what you […]


Do you know your malfunctions?

And more importantly, how to fix them? Viking Tactics takes us through the “3 Little Kittens” malfunction drill with live demonstration.   Training to deal with malfunctions is a critical component of any firearms training system.  How do you train malfunction drills? Does anyone have an actual experience with a malfunction during a training scenario […]