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The Ruger American Pistol |Almost Finished

  I have personally fired over 500 rounds through the Ruger American Pistol and I have witnessed over 180 people firing 1,045 rounds with a total of 1,545 rounds through the 9mm and 815 through the .45. During that time, two negative issues as well as some potential issues were discovered. My first impressions video […]



AK Operators Union Reviews (Tortures) the SIG 556Xi

That time when you get your rifle stuck in ice and shoot it free with a shotgun…  We can always guarantee Rob Ski to give us an honest assessment on SIG’s newest rifle product, the SIG 556Xi in 7.62×39. Rob runs the AK Operators Union, Local 47/74.  He is a professional Soldier and hails originally from Poland. […]


Torture Test | SIG P320

SIG Sauer’s newly released striker-fired pistol, the SIG P320, gets put to the test.  How does it hold up? Watch and find out. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU8-QHh2bR8