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Shoulder Checks | A Zero Breakdown

In this video, Instructor Zero details why simply “checking left and right” in a methodical fashion is only a range drill and not adequate in a reality contest. While some may argue that routinely scanning after each discharge builds muscle memory that breaks tunnel vision, this has not proven to be the case under stress […]


Got to hand it to the Boys and Girls in Blue!

[youtube id=”BzbaQhv0U0k”] Lately I’ve seen a quite a few of videos depicting police officers abusing their power. Most people don’t understand is the kind of stress this job entails; it can push you to a point where you won’t recognise yourself. I have never served in a police force (nor will Mrs Sharp let me), […]


Shots Exchanged | Guard vs. 3 Armed Robbers

A security guard in Florida responds perfectly to the approach of three armed gunmen. Notice how he steps offline and immediately engages the three suspects from behind the cover of his post. “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.” Are you confident that your own training would prepare […]


Do you know your malfunctions?

And more importantly, how to fix them? Viking Tactics takes us through the “3 Little Kittens” malfunction drill with live demonstration.   Training to deal with malfunctions is a critical component of any firearms training system.  How do you train malfunction drills? Does anyone have an actual experience with a malfunction during a training scenario […]