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Force Multiplier or Fuel to the Fire? | Firearms & Conflict

While Firearms may be a great force equalizer, they may not always be the best tools to de-escalate a crisis.  And like Pandora’s Box, once it’s opened, it may be too late to close the lid.  With power comes great responsibility.  As the video reveals, a man disguises himself as a woman in order to shoplift less conspicuously. […]


Suppressor Torture Test

[youtube id=”t2eoZ3nL9Bk”] Ever shoot your suppressor off? Jeff from The Armory After Hours YouTube channel has. See how long it takes him! The idea is to torture-test his AAC Ti-Ran 9-mm and challenge the belief that titanium or aluminum suppressors should only be shot a few times in rapid succession and then let it cool […]


Caught You!! | Two For Flinching

Adam Painchaud from the Sig Academy introduces a drill designed to do away with the dreaded flinch that all honest shooters battle with.  I consistently train and encourage dry-fire practice, and I believe it to be an invaluable part to any shooting regiment. Dry-fire practice allows us to concentrate exclusively on the movement in the gun that […]


Advanced Gun Fighting Course | Don't Shoot The Good Guy

When was the last time you trained with your weapon?  Shooting is a perishable skill.  Find places to train in your area and do research on your instructor. This was a course I took in late 2013.  It is run in the great state of Colorado by a former Navy SEAL.  If you have spent […]


Police Shooting | K9 Saves Partner

Humans and Canines have worked side-by-side for thousands of years and formed a bond that is not easily duplicated by other animals or even amongst humans. Watch as this K9 Officer rushes to his partners aide and saves him from being overcome by two gunmen during what appears to be a routine traffic stop. Notice […]