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Portage, Mich | Dash-Cam Released of Chase and Fatal Shooting

Other than suicide by cop, what compelled this man to exit the vehicle with a rifle to allegedly attack the small army of law enforcement officers surrounding him? Did he think he was going to fight his way out?  Did he not care either way? I would like to see some compiled data on all toxicology […]


Incapacitation Theory | Hollywood Vs Reality (Graphic)

One shot is rarely enough to stop a threat regardless of caliber.  In many cases, we see multiple lethal hits on targets achieving less than instantaneous incapacitation.  After some comments on the Funker Tactical Facebook Page regarding why the attacker didn’t stop immediately in Officer and Wife Attacked in Home | 1 Suspect dead, 2 […]


Officer and Wife Attacked in Home | 1 Suspect dead, 2 in Custody

This guy understands that when it’s time to turn on extreme violence, one must turn it on immediately to the level necessary to protect himself and the ones he loves. Three men follow this off duty Brazilian police officer and his wife in to their home by holding the garage door. One dead, two barely escape […]


CCW Ends Robbery Spree | Video Break-down

It may be a cliche but frequently “A Good Guy with a gun stops a Bad Guy with a gun”, and this video provides quite a good breakdown of the situation to serve the example. A customer at a grocery store is present while an armed robbery is occurring.  The customer reacts and draws a concealed […]


Thief Shot in Robbery Attempt | Intervention & Consequences

A man attempts to rob the clerk at a hotel in Atlanta but when the victim attempts to capture the gun, the suspect ends up shooting themselves.  The victim sustained an injury to the abdomen and did recover while the burglar was killed on scene. The below video is interesting for two main reasons: The first […]