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Italia | Robbery Didn't Go as Planned

This video has it all, bad guys with fake guns, dogs, good guy with a real gun, and a would be robber getting nabbed by men passing by.  Right on Italia! [iframe id=”https://www.youtube.com/embed/lri7wz_3Xh4″]


When to Pull the Trigger | CCW & Self Defence

The below video shows a man attempting to rob a convenience store clerk at gunpoint.  As seen, the clerk calmly bends over and retrieves his own firearm which he points directly at the assailant. The two men are now trapped in a stand-off, with either men willing to pull the trigger.  As I have discussed […]


MMA | Sport or Street Effective

Everyone loves to rob hotels it seems, but this particular individual just happens to have chosen one which is temporarily home to two professional fighters.  Let’s have the “is MMA street effective” discussion. There has always existed a feud between traditional or combat martial arts and those that are labelled as Sport, or Competitive, or […]


CCW Ends Robbery Spree | Video Break-down

It may be a cliche but frequently “A Good Guy with a gun stops a Bad Guy with a gun”, and this video provides quite a good breakdown of the situation to serve the example. A customer at a grocery store is present while an armed robbery is occurring.  The customer reacts and draws a concealed […]


Armed Family Stops Burglar | Plan & Act

An armed family confronts a man attempting to break into their home with fatal consequences. Families that shoot together stay together.  Something I’ve always said to friends and people on the range; mostly jokingly and to help break the tension for people new to the sport. This video though, demonstrates just how true that statement can […]