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Stoppage Clearances | Are You Wasting Time?

A common idea is when a shooter encounters an interruption in the cycle of operation, he or she should perform SPORTS.  If the shooter observes an obstruction during the observe portion of that action; he or she should then perform remedial action.  I am offering that one can get to the appropriate action much faster […]


Swedish Assault Rifle | The AK5c

A special guest contributor from the Swedish Forces wrote an overview of their service weapon, the AK5c. The Swedish AK5C Well, you know the FN FNC? The Swedes have their own modern version known as the AK5 C the C stand for Cesar, it’s a licensed built and standard issue weapon for the Swedish Armed Forces. I’m a […]


MSBS Radom | Modularity Redefined.

The Polish weapon manufacturer Łucznik Arms Factory is designing a weapon that can be converted from a conventional assault rifle into a bullpup using the same internal components and receiver. There are rumors that a functioning weapon will be at SHOT Show 2015. Last year they only had a 3D rendering of the weapon. As […]


PSA | Squibs Can Mess You Up

Do you know what a squib is and how to detect one? Check out the two videos below. A squib is when a round gets lodged in the barrel of a weapon.  This normally occurs because the powder either did not burn off properly or it was never there to being with.  When this happens, […]


ATF E-Forms Online | Record Turnover Times!

Ever wanted to SBR your AR-15?  Not even sure what that means? Well, SBR stands for “Short Barreled Rifle”. Any rifle shorter with a barrel length shorter than 16″ must be registered as an NFA item through the ATF.  Traditionally, to “Form 1” your own lower receiver it was a strictly by-mail process that had […]