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Firearms 101 | Don't Shoot Yourself - In An Elevator

An Off-Duty Kentucky Officer accidentally shoots himself fumbling with his pistol. For one reason or another, the officer is seen removing his pistol from his holster and attempting to put it in his pocket.  Why you would take your gun out, a) in public – although he was alone with his spouse; you never draw your […]


Smart Gun Technology | Tracking Police Firearms

Guns that recognize a person’s grip, pistols that communicate in live-time their exact condition and location, and guns that have a strong affinity for watches. It was only a matter of time before firearms and recent advances in RFID technology, Web Mobilization, and ID Recognition Software clashed and produced some sorts of cybernetic organisms that […]


Police Shooting | K9 Saves Partner

Humans and Canines have worked side-by-side for thousands of years and formed a bond that is not easily duplicated by other animals or even amongst humans. Watch as this K9 Officer rushes to his partners aide and saves him from being overcome by two gunmen during what appears to be a routine traffic stop. Notice […]


BOPE (Brazilian Special Police) Sniper Confidence Shot!

Three people surround a paper target under the sights of a Brazilian Special Police Sniper.  Check out the woman’s expression after two shots are fired just inches from her head! If you had to stand beside a target like this journalist did, who would you choose as the shooter? http://www.liveleak.com/view?i=9fd_1346862004