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How To Buy Firearms | From First Purchase to Fifteenth

One of the questions I often get, almost daily in fact, is; what firearm should I buy?  If you are a salesman working on commission, this is a great question to be asked.  Since I am not on commission, nor a salesman,  my main concern is getting customers a product that will perform for them […]


One-Hand Reload | Power Rack

Adam Sibley demonstrates a High-Speed, Low-Drag, Super Strong-Handed reloading technique.  While perhaps not the most practical technique, it was amusing to see!  Just in case you do not possess the strength or prowess to perform this,  I have provided some other videos on basic combat reloads. Train well, train often. Adam   [youtube id=”8JT4zJ-BfEM”]     […]


Five Gun Reviews in Under 1 Minute!

VuurwappenBlog’s honesty comes before all else and doesn’t get caught up in the ‘hype’ that is so prevalent in the civilian gun industry. Watch below to hear his to-the-point reviews on the Berretta 92, Bulgarian AK-74, Glock 19, Mossberg 500 and M&P9c. Refreshing.


Top 5 Things Every Female Shooter Needs To Know

Are you a female? Are you new to guns? Then here are five things you should know. 1. Don’t let anyone pick out a gun for you. I’ve seen this scenario, or one like it, play out countless times at the gun store counter. A guy walks up, wife (or girlfriend, or chick friend, etc.) […]


Facebook Targets Firearms Community

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Facebook to stop all weapons advertising

Facebook to stop all weapons advertising

If you’re a gun enthusiast, Facebook is about to kill most of the pages you enjoy visiting. If you’re a weapons manufacturer who relies on Facebook to sell your goods, be prepared for a significant drop in sales because things are about to get ugly.