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The Funker Tactical Team

Funker Tactical is simply an umbrella comprised of passionate individuals who have dedicated their lives to something. Each member represents their own team. Together, we are redefining concepts on holistic training through intellectual exchanges of ideas and concepts. DANIEL SHAW DEADLY FORCE ENCOUNTERS DANIEL SHAW is a retired US Marine infantryman with multiple combat tours […]


Army Set to Retire the M9 | What Should Replace It?

The oft-maligned Beretta M9 is slated for retirement. On July 12th of 2014 Fox News reported that “The Army wants to retire its supply of 9mm handguns and replace it with a more accurate and user-friendly model that also will provide soldiers with more “knockdown” power.” The Army has stated it requires a hammer-driven pistol […]


Plate Carrier Optimization | 6 Essentials

USMC Infantry Unit Leader, Daniel Shaw delivers 6 key considerations when setting up your Chest Rig or Plate Carrier. Optimizing your load-out for ease of access following your natural path of movements is key in staying in the fight. Daniel shares anecdotal evidence of the importance of how loadout optimization may have saved some of his […]


When to Pull the Trigger | CCW & Self Defence

The below video shows a man attempting to rob a convenience store clerk at gunpoint.  As seen, the clerk calmly bends over and retrieves his own firearm which he points directly at the assailant. The two men are now trapped in a stand-off, with either men willing to pull the trigger.  As I have discussed […]