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After the Disarm | To Shoot or Not to Shoot

You have just disarmed your gun-wielding attacker, what do you do next? Ryan Hoover discusses the reality of relieving an attacker of their firearm during a violent confrontation and turning it back on them. While the idea of eliminating a threat with their own weapon is an appealing notion, the reality of such actions are […]


Avtomat Podvodny Spetsialnyy | Underwater Assault Rifle

Developed in the USSR in the 1970’s by Vladimir Simonov, the APS was created in response to the ever increasing threat from enemy Frogmen or Combat Divers.  It is a fully-automatic, gas operated rifle that was designed to be effective underwater, and to a lesser degree, above water as well. Up until that time, a […]


Carnik Con Does LMG's (All of Them)

Watch Dugan show off the ultimate in open-bolt goodness.  The LMG Comparo by Carnik Con. Which is your favorite LMG? -Stoner LMG 5.56x45mm -AUG LMG-T 5.56x45mm -COLT LMG 5.56x45mm -Stoner 63A 5.56x45mm -Ultimax 100 MK II 5.56x45mm -Cemte Ameli 5.56x45mm -PKM 7.62x54R -MK48 7.62x51mm -M203 KAC Standalone -MG3 7.62x51mm  


Gun Shot Wounds | A Dr.'s POV | NSFW

Dr. Andreas Grabinsky, an Anesthesiologist, takes us through the reality of gun shot wounds from his own medical perspective and experiences.  Some images are graphic, and discretion should be used when viewing.   This is an excellent presentation for anyone who does not fully understand the effects of high speed projectiles on the human body or […]