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The Importance of Using a Gym

[liveleak id=”i=d4e_1416596419″] Watch what happens when these to guys start to “spar” out on the street. Ignoring the damage that a fall like that can cause, these guys don’t seem to have any technique or formal training. What this video really shows is the dangers of not training properly. If you don’t know what you […]


Shots Exchanged | Guard vs. 3 Armed Robbers

A security guard in Florida responds perfectly to the approach of three armed gunmen. Notice how he steps offline and immediately engages the three suspects from behind the cover of his post. “Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.” Are you confident that your own training would prepare […]


Weapon Retention | Covering Your Slide

Rener Gracie discusses firearm retention during an attack and demonstrates the ability to cover your slide while firing, thus protecting it from being stripped away from you. This technique will cause your firearm to jam after each shot, forcing you to rack the slide to chamber another round. Does the benefit of added control over your […]


How to Win a Street Fight with Head Movement

Watch as he outmaneuvers random strangers on the street trying to punch him in the face. Fight Smart demonstrates the importance of head movement in a toe-to-toe confrontation. Notice how the other guys run out of gas after a few big misses? This video highlights a few very good points, and brings to debate a […]


Are Headbutts Effective?

This patron was enjoying his first drink when another man attempted to instigate a fight with him.  The man used his head and resolutely ended the conflict. Well, I think it’s fair to say, don’t underestimate a headbutt. -Slack