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Plate Carrier Optimization | 6 Essentials

USMC Infantry Unit Leader, Daniel Shaw delivers 6 key considerations when setting up your Chest Rig or Plate Carrier. Optimizing your load-out for ease of access following your natural path of movements is key in staying in the fight. Daniel shares anecdotal evidence of the importance of how loadout optimization may have saved some of his […]


MMA | Sport or Street Effective

Everyone loves to rob hotels it seems, but this particular individual just happens to have chosen one which is temporarily home to two professional fighters.  Let’s have the “is MMA street effective” discussion. There has always existed a feud between traditional or combat martial arts and those that are labelled as Sport, or Competitive, or […]


One-Hand Reload | Power Rack

Adam Sibley demonstrates a High-Speed, Low-Drag, Super Strong-Handed reloading technique.  While perhaps not the most practical technique, it was amusing to see!  Just in case you do not possess the strength or prowess to perform this,  I have provided some other videos on basic combat reloads. Train well, train often. Adam   [youtube id=”8JT4zJ-BfEM”]     […]


Savagery & Refinement | The Gentleman's Combat

A tip of the hat to the pugilists who came before me. It is a hard line to find sure footing on; the ability to be a gentleman in your day to day life, but still possess the capacity to do unthinkable damage to an opponent who threatens our wellbeing or that of our loved ones. “I have […]