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Force Multiplier or Fuel to the Fire? | Firearms & Conflict

While Firearms may be a great force equalizer, they may not always be the best tools to de-escalate a crisis.  And like Pandora’s Box, once it’s opened, it may be too late to close the lid.  With power comes great responsibility.  As the video reveals, a man disguises himself as a woman in order to shoplift less conspicuously. […]


Flexible Weapons | Don't Be One Dimensional

Please understand that I do not encourage or enjoy the use or carrying of weapons and I urge you to consult and follow all [Federal/State/Provincial/Municipal] laws and regulations before you even consider the responsibility. The historic Ninja, more accurately Shinobi, Shinobi-no-mono, or Kusa were masters of many different skills.  Most notably escape and evasion.  Escaping hostile […]


Road Rage: Steel Pipe vs Gun

  Source: An Israeli traffic police volunteer was documenting a traffic  offender after he spotted him driving recklessly and crossing over a white line. Realizing he’s being filmed, this punk pulls out an iron pipe with the intention of beating him up, but the volunteer brings him back to his senses.   Join the conversation at Funker Tactical Facebook […]