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How To Buy Firearms | From First Purchase to Fifteenth

One of the questions I often get, almost daily in fact, is; what firearm should I buy?  If you are a salesman working on commission, this is a great question to be asked.  Since I am not on commission, nor a salesman,  my main concern is getting customers a product that will perform for them […]


CCW Ends Robbery Spree | Video Break-down

It may be a cliche but frequently “A Good Guy with a gun stops a Bad Guy with a gun”, and this video provides quite a good breakdown of the situation to serve the example. A customer at a grocery store is present while an armed robbery is occurring.  The customer reacts and draws a concealed […]


Firearms 101 | Don't Shoot Yourself - In An Elevator

An Off-Duty Kentucky Officer accidentally shoots himself fumbling with his pistol. For one reason or another, the officer is seen removing his pistol from his holster and attempting to put it in his pocket.  Why you would take your gun out, a) in public – although he was alone with his spouse; you never draw your […]


Thief Shot in Robbery Attempt | Intervention & Consequences

A man attempts to rob the clerk at a hotel in Atlanta but when the victim attempts to capture the gun, the suspect ends up shooting themselves.  The victim sustained an injury to the abdomen and did recover while the burglar was killed on scene. The below video is interesting for two main reasons: The first […]


Armed Family Stops Burglar | Plan & Act

An armed family confronts a man attempting to break into their home with fatal consequences. Families that shoot together stay together.  Something I’ve always said to friends and people on the range; mostly jokingly and to help break the tension for people new to the sport. This video though, demonstrates just how true that statement can […]