Six seperate AR-15 magazines go head to head.  Which do you trust your life with?


Marine Lance Cpl. Travis Williams narrates this animated film about what he experienced in Iraq.

This junkie has no idea whose house he is messing with.  What would you do?  Would you have called the police?


The following is what takes place when a local creeper attempts a home invasion on a veteran of the 82nd Airborne. This guy was in my house earlier this week in the middle of the night on Veteran’s Day. My neighbor saw him and when we checked the security cameras sure enough, there he was. He got away with it once, but since then I have installed some security improvements to alert me to movement in my fence line.

That night somehow my door was unlocked he actually made it inside (to shoot up I’m guessing) all night where it is warm I presume. Then, he left in the morning. In the area of my home he was in I keep some very expensive camera gear for my business. I had a feeling that now that this guy knew that stuff was down there that he would be back. I had a plan, that didn’t work because I expected him to head back along the trail – instead he went around the other side of my house.

….Now I am thinking: “he just made his way around my house to attempt to gain entry upstairs (where my GF and dog are), WTF??”. – Once I told him he wasn’t coming in, and wasn’t leaving till he talked to the police he struggled to get away and tried to pull off a huge haymaker on the porch. He ate an uppercut for his troubles,(off camera) and he was just about “out” on the porch already but I realized I wanted anything that happened to be on camera so I drug him down the stairs. The rest can be seen on camera…

Kudos to the Seattle police as they were here instantly and treated everyone involved with what seemed like “protection” and “service” – not a huge fan of cops but these guys were GREAT! The police report states: “assailant attempted an assault to break free. He lost.”

IraqVeteran8888 sets out to show just how lethal 9mm really is.  Guns are lethal devices and despite the fanboy caliber wars, we should all take notice that discharging a firearm can always be a lethal affair.

I’m sure many of us have seen the video of a former Ranger calling out an overweight poser wearing no cover outside, E-8 Master Sergeant Rank, 101st ABN DIV Combat Patch, EOD and a Ranger Tab that has gone viral.

Seen here:

However, the Veteran was deemed to be “creating a disturbance” and was arrested after refusing to comply with three cops that cornered him in a room.  These officers have no idea how sensitive it is to Vets when they see people faking for attention what they and their fellow comrades earned in blood.  This was handled unprofessionally in my opinion.  Watch the cops confronting the Veteran in the video below.

Sound off!  Did the cops handle this situation correctly?  If you’re a Vet, how would you handle a poser in your midst?