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Amazing slow-motion frames of a suppressed pistol being fired while under an X-Ray Machine.


Notice the orientation of the baffles, and how the gases move through them.



IMG_8560Unfortunately, I was unable to capture the projectile in flight. I wonder if it would be possible to capture a tracer round as it left the barrel.

Have you ever played the ‘quiet game’? In Canada, suppressors are prohibited devices and only allowed under strict license to military and police, and a few lucky others involved in the Industry. To this writer, shooting a firearm without a suppressor is like driving your car without a muffler.  It’s plain rude, and I think would  eliminate noise complaints from the people fortunate enough to live next door to a shooting range.

What else would you like to see under the X-Ray?  It would very interesting to watch a grenade or a claymore explode.

– Adam

Yes, you can afford it.  Check out this innovative and cutting-edge design from Manticore Arms and RatWorx that puts traditional suppressors firmly in the 20th century.

Pre-order your ZRX9 Integrated Suppressor today!

Also, 9mm TAVORs can now be bought direct from the factory.  Previously, if you wanted a 9mm TAVOR you had to purchase a 5.56 version and the 9mm conversion kit.


The video shows a clear sound difference between supersonic and subsonic rounds.

Hickock45 shoots some serious military grade hardware.  This is easily a $4k setup.  Some of us can only aspire to drop that kind of coin on a gun.