The most non-controversial man on youtube has a new kind of suppressor from SilencerCo and shows it off in his latest video.

The suppressor is rated for 12 Gauge shotguns and works like any other suppressor.




I can’t decide which is better, the amazing trick shots, or his awesome “happy dance” when he kills it every time!

UTS-15 Swat

This video shows a Kansas City swat team demonstrating live fire room clearing procedures and tactical movements while using the UTS-15. If you are in any way familiar with the UTS-15 and it’s true background you’d be saying something completely different about it. What you don’t know is that the UTS-15’s in this video are all second generation models which have been slightly remodeled to make them apparently more durable and reliable.

It was made in turkey by UTAS by request from Smith & Wesson to build the ultimate police shotgun, however the first model was prone to several types of malfunctions such as misfeeds, debris getting caught in the viewable shell tubes, and the shell tube selector switch breaking off. Anyone who owns one or any LEO’s out there that have any enlightening information to add on this particular weapon please share in the comments below.

A review of the 1st generation UTS-15

Shotgun door breach, flash grenade followed by a 3-man entry team. In this dynamic entry video we see Instructor Zero communicate with hand signals after using a fibre optic camera to see through the keyhole of a locked door. It is then breached with a shotgun then a flash grenade is used before entry.

This video is NOT a tutorial or instructional video. Nothing replaces real world training with a qualified instructor.

Please do not try this at home. Please do not try this in Canada where anything enjoyable is severely restricted. This was filmed in Italy in a private facility.