In this footage, a fire-team is compromised by a sniper.  Thankfully, the Marine is perfectly fine (despite his ears ringing) and they continue to maneuver.


Larry Vickers gives us a quick glimpse into a few drills that the Russian special forces run in some of their advanced training.

Do you think this training takes it way too far, or should more schools be implementing these more risky techniques? Also, why do you think that Russia pushes their training so much further then most other countries? Discuss below.

After riding down a trail on his snowmobile, an unknown man comes across a moose in the trail. After attempting to scare the moose off, it charges and strikes with his front legs. The snowmobiler immediately draws his glock and fires several rounds into the moose dropping it immediately.

I understand that at this point the adrenaline must have been pumping, but one more round to finish the job would have been the proper thing to do in this case.

What do you think the snowmobiler should have done in this case? Do you agree with this decision? Comment below!