The below video shows a man attempting to rob a convenience store clerk at gunpoint.  As seen, the clerk calmly bends over and retrieves his own firearm which he points directly at the assailant.

The two men are now trapped in a stand-off, with either men willing to pull the trigger.  As I have discussed before, presenting a firearm may add fuel to the fire during a confrontation, and knowing how to properly handle a firearm during an altercation is an essential set of skills.

As you can see, the clerk is being quite casual with how he is wielding his firearm, and on two occasions the assailant attempts to swat the clerk’s pistol away.  In Canada, we do not have any laws that allow us to carry concealed or open, but in my mind, once you draw a firearm and point it at a living being, you better be prepared to pull the trigger.  Luckily in this instance both parties survived, and the clerk was able to go home safely.  It was later determined that the firearm possessed by the robber was in fact a BB Gun, but whether the clerk knew this in the instant is unknown.

The first thing that I pull from the video is the way in which the clerk handles his firearm.  He has the gun far away from his body, with only one hand on his weapon, and he does not seem to be completely in control.  He is utilizing a ridiculous “gangster-style” grip with the gun canted and his elbow high, guaranteeing poor control over the firearm, and almost no ability to aim.  Learning how to use your body language, voice, and firearm techniques in sync is a necessary skill set I believe which will aid in enabling you to survive a violent altercation.

I firmly believe that most CCW holders do not possess a desire to hurt or kill anyone, but if you pull out a firearm in response to being presented with the business end of someone else’s, I think it is time to act, and not negotiate.  I do not condone violence as a first response, but had the robber been properly armed, or more intent with his actions the clerk may not have fared so well.

This also highlights the need for proper unarmed training, or learning how to properly control an aggressor.  To play the ‘armchair operator’ had I been in the same situation, you would see a radically different attitude in my body language, and I would have been demanding compliance.  Had these commands not been followed, I highly doubt I would have stood there arguing and and allowing myself to get into a shoving match.  Since this is completely theoretical, take from it what you will, just know that the violence of action has saved many people from becoming victims.

How would you have handled this situation?  What training do you participate in that would have allowed you to fare better than the clerk?

Train well, train often!


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An armed family confronts a man attempting to break into their home with fatal consequences.

Families that shoot together stay together.  Something I’ve always said to friends and people on the range; mostly jokingly and to help break the tension for people new to the sport. This video though, demonstrates just how true that statement can be.

Three armed family members confront a man who is attempting to break into their home.  After one family member fired a warning shot which did not deter the intruder, the family opened fire and killed him.

This video highlights a few worthwhile issues for me.  Firstly, and not to open a huge debate, but I feel that we as citizens should have the ability to be responsible for our own safety, and that of our family members.  This includes things as proper nutrition, exercise and common practices.   And I also believe, it is somewhat ridiculous to give the benefit-of-doubt to a complete stranger who is currently breaking into your home. Would you assume this persons only intent is to steal from you? Or would you assume that an individual who breaks into another person’s dwelling, while they are home intends to cause those dwellers harm?

“If this guy would’ve stayed home, he’d have been alive right now,” a neighbor told Fox 13 Orlando. 


The Pena home post shooting with police caution tape and Officers investigating.  This could have been a very different scene had the family not acted.

Secondly, it would seem that this family not only shot together, but had a plan of action in the case of a break-in. I am hesitant to believe this was a highly coordinated effort, the family did however work as a unit, each arming themselves, and then joining to confront their attacker as a single unit.  This demonstrates the importance of knowing where the other members of your family, or living partners are before you run off and start sending rounds throughout your home.

Thirdly, this example demonstrates that the family were in control, and most importantly, prepared and able to defend themselves.  They possessed the mindset and ability to act when the time was critical.  Many who have been put in similar situations have frozen, or failed to act for one reason or another.  If you value the wellbeing of yourself, and loved ones, you may want to seriously consider the length in which you would go to protect them.

We should not gain delight in the loss of a life, we should gain a lesson though.  I am happy this family survived their ordeal, and I would be interested to talk to them about how this event affect them.

Train well, Train Consistently.



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Guns that recognize a person’s grip, pistols that communicate in live-time their exact condition and location, and guns that have a strong affinity for watches.

It was only a matter of time before firearms and recent advances in RFID technology, Web Mobilization, and ID Recognition Software clashed and produced some sorts of cybernetic organisms that fall under the headings of ‘Smart Guns’.

A company called Yardarm Technologies has created a sensor that fits into the grip cavity of Glock Pistols and are under trials with various Police Departments.  The sensor communicates the location of the firearm, its condition whether holstered or not, and if it is discharged.  The sensor does this in real time directly to the main communications section of the precinct and Yardarm Tech. hopes that it will aid in increasing not only officer safety, but civilian safety as well.


Yardam Technologies has developed a sensor that fits into the grip cavity of Glocks that provides real-time information to a central communications office.


If this will aid in offering increased safety to all those involved I completely support this technology.  With technology weighing so heavily in our society though, the generalization of this technology is something that should not be ignored.  This means the possible inclusion of this technology in all civilian firearms by mandate.

The next evolution in firearms  involves user recognition technology.  A firearm that may only be fired by a specific person, or persons. This is being accomplished in a few different ways, but perhaps most easily with the use of RFID technology.  Another company called Armatix has developed a ‘Smart System’ that requires the owner to wear a watch which is connected by radio-control to the firearm.  Without the watch in close proximity, the firearm will not discharge and the watch must be armed by the user.


These are interesting times when firearms may prove to be more intelligent than some of their owners.  The added safety of knowing that your firearm is essentially deactivated to anyone but yourself could be an alluring feature and I am sure if in place in previous generations could have saved plenty of people who were killed by their own guns or accidentally by others.

As always though, I will continue to rely upon personal responsibility. Know how to safely handle your firearms, and give them the proper respect they deserve.

– Adam


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