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Ever shoot your suppressor off? Jeff from The Armory After Hours YouTube channel has. See how long it takes him!

The idea is to torture-test his AAC Ti-Ran 9-mm and challenge the belief that titanium or aluminum suppressors should only be shot a few times in rapid succession and then let it cool down. He also neglected to clean his suppressor, and then shot almost 500 rounds through it as fast as possible.

This isn’t the first time he has done it either. He has also shot off his Surefire suppressor that was stuck on his MK18. He had tried almost everything but it wasn’t coming off. Surprisingly, Surefire and KAC recommend shooting off the suppressor with a blank or in extreme cases, a live round.


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Adam Painchaud from the Sig Academy introduces a drill designed to do away with the dreaded flinch that all honest shooters battle with.  I consistently train and encourage dry-fire practice, and I believe it to be an invaluable part to any shooting regiment.

Dry-fire practice allows us to concentrate exclusively on the movement in the gun that we introduce while pulling, pressing, or squeezing the trigger.  We are also able to work it into any other practice of shooting fundamentals be it movement, draws, or reloads etc. Initially, I would think of my trigger pull as leaning on the trigger because I imagine it as the opposite of a hard shove, but that imagery works for me and may not for you.

I have seen DF practice demonstrated by balancing a casing or small object on your slide though I do not like the idea of it being performed this way.  In my mind, we are required to have the ability to follow our front sight through discharge, so why not get practice by actually focusing on the movement of our front sight?

In the posted video, what I would question, comment on, or pose a query too, is the distance of the shot.  For most shooters, again honest shooters, a 40 m. shoot is no easy feat, or at the very least demands more concentration than normal engagements. Due to this fact we are forced to slow down and really focus on our trigger pull.  This increased concentration while making us more aware of our trigger pull, is not catching our nasty and more natural habits which in this instance is the flinch reaction or anticipation of recoil.


I would like to see a 2 or more shot string performed prior to this check so that when we do go to our test, our hands are conditioned to anticipate the recoil of the second, or third shot, and our flinch would be more evident.

This is a good demonstration of a useful technique if one chooses to fine-tune their pull, catch extra practice between range visits, or get a lot of practice in on a budget.

Train well, train consistently

– Adam

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When was the last time you trained with your weapon?  Shooting is a perishable skill.  Find places to train in your area and do research on your instructor.

This was a course I took in late 2013.  It is run in the great state of Colorado by a former Navy SEAL.  If you have spent more money on your guns than your training, well there’s something wrong.

Nothing beats technical skills and training.  No amount of red-dots, flashlights and foregrips are going to make up for it.  Get out there and train!  -Slack

Humans and Canines have worked side-by-side for thousands of years and formed a bond that is not easily duplicated by other animals or even amongst humans.

Watch as this K9 Officer rushes to his partners aide and saves him from being overcome by two gunmen during what appears to be a routine traffic stop.


Notice how his K9 Partner reacts without being given a command, but rather he realizes his human counterpart is in a dangerous situation.


Currently, Canines serve alongside many military and police officers all over the world. Their keen senses, fierce loyalty, and intuition combine to create a lethal, but loving and protective partner.  All in all, these dogs are amazing, and they deserve every ounce of credit they receive.




Any K9 LEAF Officers in the community with stories to share about their  partners?   Let’s get these guys some much deserved attention.


– Adam

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A Gunman wearing a grey hoodie opens fire on two men in front of a deli in Trenton New Jersey, Which leads to a 15 second  gunfight leaving two men injured