Three robbers bypass security measures when they attempt to sneak a gun into a bank in Brazil.  One accomplice distracts the security guard while the two others transport the firearm through a glass window.  The security guard, upon realizing what was happening quickly draws his gun and begins shooting at close range.  The robbers make a hasty retreat with at least one allegedly taking serious damage.

[youtube id=”XdZ85L9wh4o”]



An alleged Walmart security is stabbed trying to apprehend a suspected thief.  Warning, please do not watch this video if you are at the least bit squeamish.   A 2-on-1 situation like this should have resulted in a clean detention but due to some errors made by security personnel the perpetrator was able to dispatch his knife and inflict damage.  Situational awareness is compromised as adrenaline is pumped into the body often times resulting in tunnel vision.  From a third party perspective it is abundantly clear that the suspect was reaching for a weapon unfortunately for one security guard he did not see this coming.

The safest course of action may have been to get critical information and wait for police to arrive but the actions these security guards took placed their lives and the safety of the suspect in jeopardy that may result in lawsuits and a trip to the hospital.

Let’s play keyboard commando for a second.  What steps would have taken to ensure your safety and the safety of the suspect while attempting to detain this individual.  For bonus points, share with us your combatives training lessons or philosophies that might have prevented this.  Share with us your experience and knowledge in the hopes that it might save someone from suffering a similar outcome.