You have just disarmed your gun-wielding attacker, what do you do next?

Ryan Hoover discusses the reality of relieving an attacker of their firearm during a violent confrontation and turning it back on them. While the idea of eliminating a threat with their own weapon is an appealing notion, the reality of such actions are much more complicated.

We have observed many examples in movies and television where the above idea is played out before our very eyes successfully. According to Hoover though, an attempt to do so may leave you as vulnerable as the initial engagement, may injure other people, and is seldom the appropriate response to such situations.

According to Ryan the question: “Why wouldn’t you step back and shoot the assailant?” assumes too many variables, mainly; you are familiar with the weapon, the firearm is real and functions properly, the firearm is loaded, and the individual in question possesses the ability to put accurate shots on target and not endanger innocent people in the immediate area.

During a high-speed, high-stress,  and dynamic situation like an armed confrontation, the above variables are a great deal to assume. In life-or-death situations, incorrect assumptions may very well lead to your own, or another’s grievous injury.

Ryan Hoover, in his honest and open way, recognizes that certain situations and individuals may possess this exact ability, but he goes on to state that with such a large opportunity for fatal error, he would prefer to utilize his personal, or natural weapons (Punches, Elbows, Kicks, Head-butts, et cetera). Using the firearm as a blunt force weapon, and furthermore, striking with the muzzle is not only an effective technique, it also allows us to control the line of fire. He believes this also provides us increased control, and also allows an individual to rely on a more familiar set of skills thus being able to perform more effectively under duress.

While not the situation most fantasize about, if we are able to critically assess our own strengths and weaknesses, I believe that Ryan is ‘on the money’ with his view. We would all love to believe that we would perform flawlessly in such an extreme situation. Unless you have spent considerable time training in high-stress scenarios with firearms, engaging with your natural weapons may be the safest response for yourself, and those in your immediate environment.

Train well, Train often


[youtube id=”IgLahu0t_io”]

He gave peace a chance…but when this thug continued to harass him and his girlfriend that window closed quickly.  Watch as this thug punches a woman in the face and gets exactly what he deserved.

An armed robber wearing a hoodie and bandana enters a “We Buy Gold” store with bad intentions.  The clerk behind the desk, who is normally armed with a gun found himself in a difficult situation because on that evening, he was unarmed.  The robber demanded cash and the clerk motioned compliance.  What happens next is extremely satisfying to watch!  Enjoy!

A dashcam  in Eastern Ukraine shows a thug who steps in front of a moving vehicle brandishing a hand gun.  Refusing to be bullied, the driver steps out and confronts the gunman.  What happens next is shocking as the driver courageously steps up to the thug and punches him right in the face!  What happens next is shocking considering the outcome is likely NOT what you expected.  What would YOU have done if you were the driver?

Also not expected was that remix of Psy’s Gangnam Style playing in the car.