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Lately I’ve seen a quite a few of videos depicting police officers abusing their power. Most people don’t understand is the kind of stress this job entails; it can push you to a point where you won’t recognise yourself. I have never served in a police force (nor will Mrs Sharp let me), but my time in the army as someone with power, I had to deal with very real potential threats. That is no excuse for the behaviour, but I hope this video can illustrate a little of what they have to deal with on a daily basis – both comical and dangerous.


Ryan Cole Stone of Denver Colorado, went on car jacking spree that looks like something straight out of GTA

This incident occurred Wednesday March the 12th at around 6:20 AM, and the chase lasted for over an hour.

After a high speed chase, the assailant pulls out a pistol and empties a magazine at the police officers. The officers end the firefight immediately with several accurate shots.