Yes, you can afford it.  Check out this innovative and cutting-edge design from Manticore Arms and RatWorx that puts traditional suppressors firmly in the 20th century.

Pre-order your ZRX9 Integrated Suppressor today!

Also, 9mm TAVORs can now be bought direct from the factory.  Previously, if you wanted a 9mm TAVOR you had to purchase a 5.56 version and the 9mm conversion kit.


Watch this entertaining and informative collaboration between Griffin Armament and Military Arms Channel.

This gun has so many features that it puts 99% of it’s competitors to shame.  Check out MAC’s thorough review on the lefty-friendly Beretta ARX-100.

IWI released the TAVOR a little over 18 months ago.  Now in April of 2015, expect the IWI Galil ACE to come to a gun store near you.

This gun is widely exported and adopted by military all over the world.  MSRP is $1750.