Doug Marcaida invites the Funker Tactical Community in a rare opportunity to train inside his home in Rochester. Inside, we cover training drills, exercises and concepts on Kali (Filipino Martial Arts) as well as general fighting philosophies to enhance your survivability.


Doug (Kali) will be co-hosting a training seminar with Ryan Hoover (KravMaga). Click here to watch the video and register: Train with Doug and Ryan.

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A hostage taker holds a knife to a little girl’s neck as he is surrounded by onlookers and concerned citizens in Surigao City, Philippines.  As the video unfolds we see a man dressed in green, later identified as a sales clerk at retail store, leap forward and attempt wrist control on the hostage taker.  In a split second the daring rescuer is supported by the mob as the little girl is freed and vigilante justice is duly served.  Police quickly take over as they struggle to maintain order amid an angry crowd.

Later in the video we see the visibly battered hostage taker as he is escorted away from the scene by police.  The Philippines has a well documented history of police choosing lethal force in high risk hostage taking scenarios.  This brave store clerk may have saved more than one life on this day.

Do us a favor.  Watch this video and let us know in the comments if it has made any impact on your perceptions of the viability of knife throwing for combat applications.

When you hear the words “Knife Thrower” one of two images are conjured up in the imagination.  One is an old time circus act involving a sexy lady strapped to some “death wheel” as a mustachioed performer hurls sharp objects at her to the oohs and aahs of a delighted crowd.

The second image is likely of some bad ass character wearing a trench coat lined with throwing knives in some action-adventure movie.  Oh wait, there are also ninjas.  Can’t forget about ninjas.  Ninjas and fictional characters aside, is there really a combat application to knife throwing?  Most knife fighters would think not.  Simply put, there is too much uncertainty with throwing a weapon at an enemy.  Trajectory, spin, velocity, grip, distance, and impact-probability must all be considered among numerous other factors.  For these reasons, many dismiss the idea of knife throwing as a legitimate combat art form.

Let us know if this video has changed your mind.  Why or why not?

Marine Vs. knife

When a thug try’s to rob a gas station armed only with a knife , he finds out the hard way that he walked in on the wrong attendant .

In this video Doug Marcaida explains the fundamental differences between attacking with a blade and dueling with an opponent who also has a blade.

The primary difference, he explains, is your ready position.  In a knife attack the weapon must be concealed until the gap between you and your intended target is sufficiently closed to deliver an efficient, fight ending action.  In a duel, where both parties are active participants in an inevitable fight or struggle the ready position must be adapted to extend your safety range.

Adopting a modified fencing position with your attack hand extended allows anything that intrudes that space to be cut.  The distance between your opponent’s blade and your vital organs is extended and also protected by the extension of your arms.