One shot is rarely enough to stop a threat regardless of caliber.  In many cases, we see multiple lethal hits on targets achieving less than instantaneous incapacitation.  After some comments on the Funker Tactical Facebook Page regarding why the attacker didn’t stop immediately in Officer and Wife Attacked in Home | 1 Suspect dead, 2 in Custody, I thought it important to show more reality of gunshot wound incapacitation or the lack there of in some cases.

There are more videos and supporting news articles out there, so look for something much more sciency in the future from us to explain the reality of terminal ballistics in more detail.

The following videos are all of people maintaining most or all motor functions after receiving lethal hits from handguns.  In each incident, one or more suspects died of their injuries.

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A security guard in Florida responds perfectly to the approach of three armed gunmen. Notice how he steps offline and immediately engages the three suspects from behind the cover of his post.


“Under pressure, you don’t rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training.”

Are you confident that your own training would prepare you to respond so calmly and effectively? Or does your firearm training focus on the competitive side of shooting? If so, where does your skill set fall when viewed from a tactical perspective, should you ever need it?

The ability to put effective hits on any target is only a fraction of the equation when it comes to performing in the heat of competition, or an armed engagement.  Like a concealed weapon, the value of our training is based upon our ability to access it in a crisis situation, whether against the clock for high score, or against others who mean to do you harm.

Optimal performance, regardless of arena, relies heavily on the mindset of the participant.  In the provided video, the guard obviously possessed an attitude of readiness, and as such, was able to fall back upon his skills in order to perform effectively in this violent altercation.

This guard, if perhaps able to gain a greater view of the impending threat, may have had the opportunity to end the confrontation non-violently.  His stimulus in this instance though, was three men rushing into an establishment which was obviously a high risk business given the guard was even there.  With very little time and distance, the guard was up, gun drawn, and making effective hits within a very small window.



This is an excellent display of technique performed under pressure and at crisis speed.  We should aim to examine the video not just for the glorification of violence, but to draw from it poignant lessons that may be applicable not just in these types of encounters, but in every day life.


– Adam


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