Most of you have heard about it, some of you may have even seen it, but when it comes to putting down a target individual using less-than lethal force, nothing beats Taser International’s X26 Stun Gun. While the beginning of this video shows an officer who volunteered to be tased , the rest of the video shows real life incident’s that were instantly stopped by officers and other security personnel armed with the X26.

Earlier this week the Royal Canadian Mounted Police announced that law abiding gun owners in Canada would soon become criminals overnight, if they did not turn in their newly banned rifles


It’s terrifying to think that the decision makers in the RCMP, our fellow Canadians, would suddenly snap their fingers and make their neighbors, family members, and friends criminals. Canadians have been living too long with our heads in the sand, allowing things like this to go on behind closed doors.

CBC interviews JR Cox of The Shooting Edge in Calgary Alberta:

In 2009 Harper’s Conservative government made good on it’s promise to end the long gun registry, and law abiding hunters, farmers, and recreational shooters rejoiced. After nearly 20 years of fighting, hunting rifles and shotguns no longer had to be registered with the federal government. I believe at that point, Canadians in general became too complacent, we thought the war was over. We were wrong.

As gun owners across the world focus their attention on the gun grabs going on in the U.S., we have forgotten that we still have a fierce enemy here at home. There is still an army of Canadians who are actively fighting to strip every law abiding Canadian citizen of their right to bear arms. Yes, we as Canadians have a right to bear arms, just like our brothers to the South and they are quietly being stripped away.

Moving forward in 2014, Funker Tactical will be increasing it’s efforts to bring awareness to this growing issue and get the attention of government through our massive platform. Join our army of other passionate Canadian firearm owners on our FACEBOOK PAGE and YOUTUBE CHANNEL to unite our voice.