Source: An Israeli traffic police volunteer was documenting a traffic  offender after he spotted him driving recklessly and crossing over a white line. Realizing he’s being filmed, this punk pulls out an iron pipe with the intention of beating him up, but the volunteer brings him back to his senses.   Join the conversation at Funker Tactical Facebook Page



Valued at $820,000 this Swedish made hunting rifle is hand crafted from Damascus steel and is a tribute to the deep rooted traditions of falconry in the Arabian world, covered by beautiful engravings of Peregrine and Saker falcons among other luxurious finishes.  Let’s imagine you’ve got $820,000 lying around – list the items you’d rather buy than this luxury item in the comments section below!

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If you’ve seen any of the videos produced by “Everytown for Gun Safety” you’d realize that they are based on fear-mongering, sensationalized, scenarios meant to tug at heart strings that serve the anti-gun agenda. Four days ago a small YouTube channel called “Liberty PA” posted a devastating counter-punch to Everytown’s attack.  Have a look, and if you will, please continue to help this little channel’s parody go viral!


Here is the original video being parodied.

This video shows a series of gun related mishaps which are due to mechanical failures, operator error, and several more clips that just demonstrate a complete lack of common sense when it comes to handling and using any firearm.

I can’t decide which is better, the amazing trick shots, or his awesome “happy dance” when he kills it every time!