Facebook to stop all weapons advertising

Facebook to stop all weapons advertising

If you’re a gun enthusiast, Facebook is about to kill most of the pages you enjoy visiting. If you’re a weapons manufacturer who relies on Facebook to sell your goods, be prepared for a significant drop in sales because things are about to get ugly.

In a press statement released March 5th Facebook writes:

“We do not permit advertising for illegal drugs, tobacco products, prescription pharmaceuticals, weapons and several other products…we have systems in place to review and remove advertising that violates our policies…”

In this one sweeping statement, Facebook has officially announced that pages belonging to firearms manufacturers can no longer exist on the world’s largest social media outlet. This has broad and dramatic implications for companies who invest heavily on social engagement to sell, promote and advertise their products. You might soon have to say goodbye to the Glock page. Say goodbye to the SigSauer page. Say goodbye to ALL OF THEM because the wording is very clear: Facebook does not permit advertising for weapons. Yes, this includes knife manufacturers too.

It is unclear if and when Facebook will begin erecting gates to prevent weapons companies from entering into the world’s single biggest user group but one thing is for sure…a lot of people will be negatively affected. Jobs will be lost.  Companies might have to close down.  You see, Facebook is the great equalizer.  It is the one tool, the one service that allows small companies to compete on a level playing field with industry giants.  In many cases, it is the only tool that allows small businesses to drive traffic to their e-commerce site.  Tread carefully over the next few days and upcoming months and keep a pulse on this evolving story.

While the outlook is dark for some of the major players in weapons manufacturing it could be down right disastrous for small and medium sized businesses. The Funker Tactical Social Media Management team has come up with a list of recommendations to protect your company from losing potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of investment money allocated for social media engagement.

Do you think that Facebook is unfairly targeting the firearms community?

Are they justtified in categorizing legal firearms with illegal drugs in the same broad category?

Do you feel as if this is politically motivated?

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Read the full press release here:

The Internet went into an outrage today when the owners of a local gun shop in in Connecticut posted a photo showing a smiling baby “holding” a hunting rifle.

At first I didn’t want to post this article, just because I was so infuriated by the ignorance of so many people, but I guess we should be used to this sort of reaction now.

There is absolutely no difference between a baby holding an unloaded rifle, or a compound bow. It’s a tool used and designed to hunt animals, which I’m sure this child will do plenty of through it’s life.

QUESTION: Do you think there is anything wrong with posting this photo? Yes or No?