Kali is the deadly Filipino weapons Martial Art that is fast becoming ingrained into the training of Special Forces Units world wide.  We go beyond the iconic Karambit into the soul of this deadly art!  Doug Marcaida has taught elite units including United States Force Recon Marines jungle warfare training in the Philippine Islands, Spetznaz Unit Alpha and the Belgian Special Police!


PART 2: Doug Marcaida is one of the world’s elite knife fighters – he is also a military contractor helping elite units navigate through complex CQB tactics relating to weapons of opportunity.  In this video, he takes us through part of his collection of unique concealed weapons.

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Mythbusters experiment done by subject matter experts.  This new mini-series by Funker Tactical explores multiple angles, scenarios, operating conditions and possibilities concerning not only distance but also angle of attack, concealment of intention, stealth weapons, opponent skill levels and much more.