While I wouldn’t advocate antagonizing someone that was being held at gun point, it is good to see the good guys on top once again.

The raw video can be found here.

[youtube id=”6OEFOPTfdoo”]

I traveled to Charlotte, North Carolina upon the request of the Funker Tactical community to find a Krav Maga expert.  What happened next was actually a big eye opener for me.  I met a man named Ryan Hoover, co-founder of FIT-TO-FIGHT, a Krav Maga and fitness academy who not only train military and law enforcement personnel but also professional sports teams like the Carolina Panthers.  I spent two days interviewing and learning from Ryan Hoover as well Raul Martinez, a US military veteran and current Chicago Police Officer, who was there to take his black belt exam.

It is impossible to encapsulate what I learned in those two days in a short little blog like this.  So, instead, I will begin releasing a series of Kraz Maga videos for you guys.  Here is the first installment.  It is perhaps one of the best examples I have ever seen of an instructor being able to break down multiple, complex thoughts into an easily digestible, concise and clear way.  I was in absolute awe watching this man.

WATCH THE ENTIRE VIDEO.  If there’s anything you believe Ryan missed, write a comment.  If you find it helpful and useful for your family, please share it.