This song touches a nerve with me even without the video.  Every time I watch it, the onion cutting ninjas sneak in and do their thing. It’s one of my favorites and from a band that loves liberty and makes a needed statement.

Do something this Veterans Day. Call your brother, check in, let them know they are loved and appreciated and then keep doing something everyday. –Daniel Shaw

Oh and Zoltan Bathory is one of us…a shooter. Follow him on Instagram

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Nod all bad guys trying to kill you are evil, some aren’t guys at all and some are just 100% crazy.

See the new report HERE. 

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Is it OK to look at your holster while re-holstering?  Some would say no, others would say yes.  This quick video presents one of the arguments for glancing down at the holster.   Obviously, I was unable to cover every possible scenario in a video that is under 2 minutes in length.  The context here is the defensive shooting where the armed citizen is likely carrying inside the waist band with clothing covering the holster.  The law enforcement officer who is in contact with an individual or about to put the handgun away to restrain a suspect may not want to look down at his or her holster while putting the gun away.  That officer is likely to have the holster on a duty belt and not IWB with clothing over it.

When an act can be performed fast and in a safe and secure manner by using the sense that provides the best information for decision making, use that sense.

Additionally, one should have the skills and techniques to safely re-holster into an IWB holster with clothing over it for those situations where taking eyes off of a problem may not be tactically sound.

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VCQB is one of the biggest things to happen in the training industry in the last decade. Petty has directly and indirectly taught the program to thousands of students and hundreds of law enforcement agencies have adopted it in their training plans.

This course has been at the top of my list of training events that I have wanted to attend and I will get my chance later this month here at Thunderbird Firearms Academy.

If you ever get the chance to train with William Petty or 88 Tactical, get after it. For those who can’t get there, stand by for the VCQB Training DVD/digital Download to be released this Fall. The Official Trailer and more info can be found below.

Recoil Article


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When lightsabers are outlawed, only outlaws will have lightsabers.

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