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Ryan Duffy of Vice introduces us to Miguel Caballero, the self professed ‘Armoured Armani’. The man behind a growing trend of sleek, wearable and most importantly fashionable, personal body armour.  Ryan gets a behind-the-scenes tour of Mr. Caballero’s factory in Bogota Columbia, and for his efforts, is indoctrinated in the same manner as all of Miguel’s employees; by testing out the garments against live ammunition, delivered by none other than Mr. Caballero himself.

“I shoot all of my employees”, Mr. Caballero proudly informs us, and then goes on to further emphasize the quality control philosophy that he stringently adheres too.  All of this which makes complete sense when your client’s life is literally in the hands of your business and its employees.


Ryan tries on a light weight, short-sleeved piece of armoured apparel.  From coats and jackets to shirts and suits, Mr. Caballero is looking to meet all of his clients needs.

Mr. Caballero produces body armour for the military as well, but his VIP and Executive clients have demanded something tailored specifically for the civilian market, and in a form and fashion that makes it as low profile, and comfortable as possible.  His client list includes Heads of State, business magnates, and numerous political figures.  Mr. Caballero hopes that the USA will provide a wealth of market potential and new clients.  He specifically believes his garments will become fashionable amongst the Hip Hop community given its affinity for guns and violence.  Not to mention that more than a handful of notable Hip Hop artists have met their unfortunate demise by the actions of  disgruntled gunmen.


Quite the calm expression for a man on the business end of a .38.  The jacket featured is full length suede.

Body armour has taken leaps and bounds in terms of effectiveness, weight, materials and comfort for the wearer.  From early appearances of medieval armour and onwards into modern day, armour, along with the weaponry it protects us from has consistently evolved.







Conventional Vests and Liquid Armour Explained | Plate armour for Henry II of France, made around 1555, with elaborate ornamental embossing.


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Modern day armour is once again  capitalizing on the technological industry and a revolutionary new liquid armour is currently being developed.  Check out the videos below on what is being called “Bullet-Proof Custard” and see the incredible Ballistics test performed on it.

Train Well, Train Consistently


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An analytical comparison of the IWI Tavor, FN2000 and the Steyr AUG by Jerry Miculek. The bullpup design places the gun’s action behind the trigger, in front of a short buttstock. This decreases the firearm’s length and weight while retaining the same barrel length. Bullpups generally allow for a 25% reduction in weapon length, which allows for better maneuverability in confined spaces.

The results are in.

Are you a fan of bullpups?

Listen to Colion Noir wax poetics about this new CZ Scorpion EVO3 S1 pistol. It’s a beautiful gun and you must watch this video if you want to find out more.

Dr. Andreas Grabinsky, an Anesthesiologist, takes us through the reality of gun shot wounds from his own medical perspective and experiences.  Some images are graphic, and discretion should be used when viewing.  

This is an excellent presentation for anyone who does not fully understand the effects of high speed projectiles on the human body or anyone interested in utilizing a firearm defensively.  Dr. Grabinsky reveals some startling facts and may present a few that might actually surprise you.  From his experience handguns have proved far less lethal than rifles and Dr. Grabinsky goes into great detail about the effects of different calibers on the anatomy in order to justify his observations.

This presentation does include actual images of gunshot victims as well as medical imagery that may not be suitable for all people.  Pay special attention to Dr. Grabinksy’s slides on the differences in force and speed produced by each caliber.  It may settle the 9mm. vs. .45 ACP debate for you, or open it up for even more contemplation.



The above individual was fortunate to survive such a devastating injury.


This x-ray showcases the destructive energy of the 5.56 Nato round behaving as it was specifically designed to. The injury was the result of a negligent discharge by an officer who was carrying his rifle in the patrol carry or sling ready position. The projectile entered on the medial side of the knee and exited just above the ankle. 

If we aim to properly train for a violent encounter in which we are moved to use force, whether it is performed with the body, or any type of weapon, we must understand the minimum and maximum effects of our actions.  For example, a straight punch delivered to the nose of an assailant, on the low end is going to cause the eyes to water, pain, and bruising.  On the maximum end, a broken nose, fractured orbital bone, blood loss, and potentially death may result.  Similarly with a firearm, certain ammunition and calibers are going to have different minimum and maximum effects on the body.  It is vital that we fully understand the ramifications of our actions in order to gain a deeper understanding of what it is we are actually training to do, and the effects it has on others.  This will aid in our selection of the techniques that we choose to employ in a given situation or choose to train in order to manage certain situations.  Many victims have survived the initial confrontation, but were not so fortunate with the legal consequences of their actions.

Train Well, Train Consistently.

 – Adam

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The Polish weapon manufacturer Łucznik Arms Factory is designing a weapon that can be converted from a conventional assault rifle into a bullpup using the same internal components and receiver.

There are rumors that a functioning weapon will be at SHOT Show 2015. Last year they only had a 3D rendering of the weapon.

As a huge bullpup fan, I see this is the gun that can bridge the divide between the two camps in the tactical world.