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The year of 2012 was a hype filled year regarding the new carbine coming to the market. It was a semi-auto variant the IDF tested TAVOR bullpup rifle. Originally slated for fall of 2012, the TAVOR SAR did not meet it’s date but did show up at the Park City, KY annual Bullpup Shoot hosted by the good people over at Bullpupforums.com. This showing proved the rifle was no-longer vaporware and the hype for the rifle was unprecedented with pre-orders selling out in record time once it’s release was given a hard date in Febuary of 2013.

However, the success story of bringing a new rifle to the market in the middle of a heated political firearms debate does not have it’s share of hiccups.

One of the things IWI marketed from the very beginning with this rifle was that it would have the end-user ability to be “fully ambidextrous” with a left-ejecting bolt. This proved to be a half-truth as anyone wishing to convert their TAVOR from right to left hand must send it back to IWI. Not a big deal but was definitely a hit to the left-handed shooters out there thinking it would be as simple as swapping bolts.

The second major thing they promised with the TAVOR was the ability to be converted to a 9mm blowback system and gas-operated 5.45×39 caliber. While the 9mm is in it’s final stages of development, the 5.45×39 has unexpectedly and inexplicably been canceled.

This cancellation comes after the conversion was promised for over a year by IWI to it’s rabid TAVOR fanbase who are most vocal at BullpupForums.com about their new favorite firearm.


Firearms safety in the real world- this is the safety brief I give in my classes;

1) Know your target and what is beyond it; on the range you have something ( a berm for Instance ) that acts as a bullet stop- in the real world you can’t predict what your bullet stop will be or if you even will have one. Understand if you launch a bullet Downrange in the real world you own it so it’s in your best interest to make sure you hit your target and you know what is beyond your target in case you miss it or over penetrate

2) Treat weapons as if they are loaded at all times; people know we need to do this but the fact of the matter is once most people have convinced themselves a firearm is cleared they are likely to point it at anything or anybody – including themselves. This is a seriously bad habit that could mean life or death someday. Chances are good if you handle weapons long enough you will eventually have an unintentional discharge – at that point the only thing that will keep things from getting ugly fast is the proper handling habits you have built over time. This is a major issue- learn it and live it.

3) Do not allow your muzzle to cross anything your not willing to destroy; in the military and LE often times individuals sweep each other with your muzzle – that’s not a good thing but is sometimes unavoidable – my approach is know when you are doing it and minimize it to the best of your ability. In the civilian sector pointing a gun at somebody is a really big deal so you have to be switched on 100% of the time in terms of muzzle awareness.

4) Finger off the trigger until you are ready to shoot; this is rightly considered the golden rule of firearms safety as it is the fail safe in case I happen to sweep someone with my muzzle I won’t put a bullethole in them because my finger is off the trigger. Fortunately the popularity of guns like the Glock has made this rule universally accepted – that’s a good thing as not long ago having your finger on the trigger was seen as the best way to be ‘ready’ for instant action – in reality what you were ‘ready’ for was an AD

These are the safety rules I highlight in every class – I believe in them and you should to – be safe and see you at the range


Danner 1 – Canadian Winter 0

The Danner Gavre military boots aren’t ideal for arctic conditions as the treads quickly took up snow and slush making for very slippery conditions. I had to switch up quickly as the insulation on the Gavre was conditioned for dry, arid environments. The Danner Mountain Assault boots however, provided adequate insulation, waterproofing, and amazing treads that displace snow quickly and provide superb traction. This is only a preliminary report that will be ongoing for the entirety of what is shaping up to be a very cold and unforgiving Canadian winter.

Who else is rocking Danner boots this winter?

Dual wielding rifles sounds like something you’d see on an episode of AMC’s The Walking Dead…but in a situation where everything is uncertain and rationing is the name of the game, this technique might best be left for the movies.