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An absolutely amazing shot made by 22plinkster

A lot of people are saying this video was faked, what do you guys think?







“It’s not a banana clip, it’s a banana magazine!”

Shotgun door breach, flash grenade followed by a 3-man entry team. In this dynamic entry video we see Instructor Zero communicate with hand signals after using a fibre optic camera to see through the keyhole of a locked door. It is then breached with a shotgun then a flash grenade is used before entry.

This video is NOT a tutorial or instructional video. Nothing replaces real world training with a qualified instructor.

Please do not try this at home. Please do not try this in Canada where anything enjoyable is severely restricted. This was filmed in Italy in a private facility.

The President of Desert Tech (previously Desert Tactical Arms) recently revealed that he turned down a contract for 15 million dollars to Pakistan based on morals.

Desert Tech Team

The Desert Tech team

How do you say no to 15 million dollars when you are a small growing business? According to the Sales Manager of Desert Tech, Mike Davis, the answer was simple, “You say no”. The reason behind his answer is something we probably don’t hear enough of these days. President of Desert Tech, Nicholas Young, posted this to the Desert Tech Facebook page yesterday and it went viral:


The response from the firearms and military community has been overwhelming praise for their difficult decision, which places the safety of our military members over a massive paycheck. 

To some people, hearing about a weapons manufacturing company turning down 15 million dollars based on morals may seem shocking, but to the Desert Tech team it was a pretty easy decision. In a recent interview the CEO of Desert Tech, Tommy Alexander, stated “We just didn’t feel comfortable with the morality of giving those guns, when they might end up in the wrong hands.”

“The company was founded on the principle of keeping Americans and our allied forces safe,” said sales manager Mike Davis. “We’re not saying that Pakistan would get the weapons and do anything bad with them, but there’s just a heavy set of unrest over there.”

SRSA1 Chassis

The Desert Tech SRSA1 Chassis

Do you think Desert Tech made the right decision? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!