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Richard Ryan from YouTube.com/RatedRR brings you amazing new footage of R.I.P. Bullets impacting various targets in breathtaking slow motion.

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This photo has been floating around the internet for the past year, without any real back story of what actually happened. Funker Tactical has recently come across some new information that sheds some light on what may have caused this oddly shaped wound.

Soldier wounded by bullet in chest during Georgian war

This injury was sustained in 2008 during the Russia – Georgia War in Ossetia. This soldier was part of the МИРОТВОРЧЕСКИЕ СИЛЫ (Peacekeepers unit). Their outpost was attacked by Georgians with heavy artillery fire and tanks.

The reason that this photo has become so popular is the pattern of the wound. We have found 2 conflicting sources, with one saying it was from an AK74 type rifle firing a 5.54 round which (1) Entered the throat and (2) Exited the throat.  After exiting the throat the projectile was travelling downward diagonally left to right, making 3 centimeters of penetration which was enough to cause a tumble of this 5.45 projectile. (3) This is what caused the impressive “glaze” at re-entry. Another source is stating that this wound was caused by artillery shrapnel during the shelling of their base.

Soldier wounded by bullet in chest during Georgian war

Soldier wounded by bullet in chest during Georgian war

Do you guys think this was all caused by a single 5.45 bullet, shrapnel, or something else? Discuss below.

Thanks to AK47 Operators Union for providing this info

Anti-gun California State Sen. Kevin de Leon (D-Los Angeles) is being mocked by gun rights advocates after he made a number of inaccurate statements while promoting a bill that would require individuals who manufacturer homemade firearms to undergo background checks.

“This is a ghost gun,” de Leon begins, holding an unloaded rifle in his hands. “This right here has the ability with a .30-caliber clip to disperse with 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.”

Which part of the speech made you laugh the loudest? Discuss below: