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700 rounds a minute? Legally? If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

Bucking the trend in more ways than one are Tactical Fire Control, Inc. They’re set to take the competitive shooting and tactical markets by storm with their new Tac-Con 3MR Trigger System.


Instructor Zero tests out the Tac-Con trigger system for the first time

The 3MR Trigger System is a drop-in replacement for your AR family trigger group. It features 3 settings – Safe, Semi-Auto, and a Positive Reset 3rd mode. The 3rd mode is set to be a game changer. At the rear of the trigger group is a lever that pushes up against the hammer as the bolt-carrier drives over it during recoil. This lever pushes the hammer forward faster to the trigger-sear, causing a far faster re-set. This is also pushes the trigger forward, all during the recoil phase, allowing far faster split times between shots.

In the hands of an expert like Instructor Zero, the results are devastating. The trigger itself is a 4.5 pound match trigger, with zero take-up and no overtravel. The entire mechanism is CNC machined in house by Tac-Con, and is NP3 (Nickel Teflon) coated for enhanced durability and longevity. The question I’m sure most of you are asking is, “Will this be legal in my state?” There is good news there, as the BATF has ruled it 100% legal. It is a faster resetting semi-automatic trigger, but one pull of the trigger results in one shot. Tactical Fire control has created a trigger group that is safer, faster, and more reliable.

The competitive shooter, the firearms enthusiast, and the tactical operator can all benefit from the increased capability to their ARs from this innovative product. This is one to watch for 2014, as it’s sure to dominste the marketplace. To learn more, check out Tactical Fire Control Inc at: http://tacfirecon.com


[twocol_one_first]Bringing a tactical bag to the airport can draw needless attention to its carrier. Bringing a “regular bag” to the range may incite a few silent chuckles from behind the firing line. So you’ve got electronics, firearms and other valuables…you want to carry them all in one bag. VERTX may have the solution for you. We interviewed Joe during SHOT SHOW where he unveiled several bags with design considerations that fit your lifestyle.courier_alt_4-1749courier_alt_1-1749[/twocol_one_first][twocol_one_last]courier_alt_3-1749      One of them is the EDC courier bag. The EDC courier intelligently gives its user the option to convert it from a low profile, everyday carry bag which can be used for DSLR cameras, laptops, electronics and daily essentials to a tactical range bag complete with front facing molle. Compartments and storage solutions in every inch of this bag makes it incredibly versatile but the oversized grab strap that makes access to concealed weapons in stressful situations easier is a welcome design consideration that speaks volumes about VERTX’s understanding of what the public demands.

This grab strap also doubles as a “luggage tag” where it is possible to insert identification such as business cards or a safe address to return the courier in the event of loss or misplacement. Watch the video to see a demo of the VERTX EDC Courier which is ready for shipping in April.

VERTX is now taking pre-orders HERE




A Brazilian drug dealer was caught doing a deal on a bus in Brazil, which sparked a high speed chase. Officers aboard a helicopter brought the chase to an abrupt end when they were able to shoot out the tires of the truck.

Officers on the ground made a prompt arrest after the the vehicle was immobilized.



According to a thread on AR-15.com, user “generes” was out at the range when he heard an abnormally loud BOOM, followed by intense screaming and a call for a cease fire. This was apparently the first shot ever fired from a brand new Vulcan .50 using factory ammunition.

The blot lugs disintegrated, the charging handle sheard from the bolt, and the blot exploded backwards and lodged into the shooters neck area. The charging handle was found 30 feet behind the shooters seat in the grass.

Thankfully it appeared as though the shooter would be alright as medical personal loaded him onto the ambulance.

Zero demonstrates that with the enough ammo and experience you can accurately provide suppressing fire with a secondary weapon at long range, if you are forced into that situation. This video is not saying that a hand gun should be used as a primary weapon to engage targets at range, but if you are desperate, this video proves that a pistol is not COMPLETELY useless.

Less than 40 rounds were fired to achieve 3 hits on a figure 11 target at 300 meters. The entire shoot was completed in 1 hour and 30 minutes.