An alleged Walmart security is stabbed trying to apprehend a suspected thief.  Warning, please do not watch this video if you are at the least bit squeamish.   A 2-on-1 situation like this should have resulted in a clean detention but due to some errors made by security personnel the perpetrator was able to dispatch his knife and inflict damage.  Situational awareness is compromised as adrenaline is pumped into the body often times resulting in tunnel vision.  From a third party perspective it is abundantly clear that the suspect was reaching for a weapon unfortunately for one security guard he did not see this coming.

The safest course of action may have been to get critical information and wait for police to arrive but the actions these security guards took placed their lives and the safety of the suspect in jeopardy that may result in lawsuits and a trip to the hospital.

Let’s play keyboard commando for a second.  What steps would have taken to ensure your safety and the safety of the suspect while attempting to detain this individual.  For bonus points, share with us your combatives training lessons or philosophies that might have prevented this.  Share with us your experience and knowledge in the hopes that it might save someone from suffering a similar outcome.

Japan says it is investigating claims that one of its citizens has been captured by militants near Aleppo, as evidence emerged that the captured man appeared to be a self-styled security contractor.  Varying sources report Haruna Yukawa, a Japanese national who reportedly owned a “military fun” store in Japan traveled to Syria to “impress his friends” and prove that he was a private military contractor.

Mr. Yukawa went to Syria to impress his friends from the extreme military roleplaying community, and also because he wanted to show his friends that he was “like a real veteran soldier”
Source: Japanese National Haruna Yukawa Captured In Syria Was Playing “Survival Game” | From Chechnya To Syria

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‘ve gotta admit that this seemed like the WORST introduction to shooting a handgun that I have seen in a while. I have successfully navigated hundreds of people through their first shot/shots with a handgun and EVERY last one of them walked away feeling like a champion. None of this limp-wristed, misaligned sight picture, shooting the target carrier bs!  I could go on and on about HOW to introduce people to firearms for the first time…but this is NOT how you do it.  In your opinion, what was wrong with this video?  -Colin


Here is a video of Ryan from Funker Tactical taking his own anti-gun liberal to the range with VERY different results.  It is not the BEST example of taking someone shooting for the first time, but the idea is to educate and go at the pace of the shooter ensuring that safety rules are understood and respected so as to create a comfort level that is conducive to the learning process.

A thief breaks into your house while you and your family are away.  He rummages through every drawer and shelf.  He finds your gun vault and begins to work on opening it.  He knows what’s inside and he wants to get his hands on it.  If you’ve spent good money on that vault, here’s to hoping they don’t get in.  He then checks the usual places in the bedroom where he knows guns are typically hidden.  Here’s to hoping he doesn’t find them.  In a perfect world, this would never happen.  But we don’t live in a perfect world.  Take a look at these videos and make a decision.  Are Tactical Walls a necessity in your home?


In this video SOOTCHOO sensibly talks about reasons for installing one of these units in your home.  In a recent break-in, the thieves walked right past the concealed weapons!


An armed robber wearing a hoodie and bandana enters a “We Buy Gold” store with bad intentions.  The clerk behind the desk, who is normally armed with a gun found himself in a difficult situation because on that evening, he was unarmed.  The robber demanded cash and the clerk motioned compliance.  What happens next is extremely satisfying to watch!  Enjoy!