Finally, something at Tiffany’s for me.

This collection of fine pistols from Tiffany & Co. were designed to demonstrate the elegance and power of American Industry by creating such beautiful works of art using methods that were unachievable by others at the time.


Tiffany & Co. formerly made decorative swords for Officers during the Civil War and Mexican-American war, but shifted into pistols in the 1880’s.



They produced 50 firearms up until 1911 after New York enacted strict gun control laws. These particular set of pistols are housed at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.



Pierre Terjanian, the head of the Arms and Armor department tells us that; “These are very important objects. They showed that objects may have a function, but their symbolic meaning can be greater.”







How important is the look or aesthetic quality of a firearm to you? Do you own any ‘Safe Queens’ or are your firearms simply tools.

I sold the only ‘Safe Queen’ that I had because I felt it was taking up too much space and I wasn’t shooting it.

So what do you choose? The Lamborghini or the Jeep ? The Glock or the Nighthawk.

Singing Bird Pistols | Valued over $2 million

[youtube id=”KGZRWk51_fU”]



Do you know what a squib is and how to detect one? Check out the two videos below.

A squib is when a round gets lodged in the barrel of a weapon.  This normally occurs because the powder either did not burn off properly or it was never there to being with.  When this happens, the pressure which pushes the bullet through the rifling is not there but the primer does generate enough force lodge it in the barrel.

The user will feel the gun went “off” but it will have a different characteristic in how it sounds (not as loud) and recoil (not as sharp).  It’s important that all shooters understand this can happen to anyone.  Ammunition that isn’t properly stored and reloaded rounds are what puts the shooters at the most risk.

A hostage taker holds a knife to a little girl’s neck as he is surrounded by onlookers and concerned citizens in Surigao City, Philippines.  As the video unfolds we see a man dressed in green, later identified as a sales clerk at retail store, leap forward and attempt wrist control on the hostage taker.  In a split second the daring rescuer is supported by the mob as the little girl is freed and vigilante justice is duly served.  Police quickly take over as they struggle to maintain order amid an angry crowd.

Later in the video we see the visibly battered hostage taker as he is escorted away from the scene by police.  The Philippines has a well documented history of police choosing lethal force in high risk hostage taking scenarios.  This brave store clerk may have saved more than one life on this day.

This is the most amazing compilation of people who almost died.  For whatever reason, the people in this video avoided catastrophic injury or death by mere inches and milliseconds.  Situational awareness is not their forte.  Have YOU ever had a close call?  Please share your stories in the comments!



Source: An Israeli traffic police volunteer was documenting a traffic  offender after he spotted him driving recklessly and crossing over a white line. Realizing he’s being filmed, this punk pulls out an iron pipe with the intention of beating him up, but the volunteer brings him back to his senses.   Join the conversation at Funker Tactical Facebook Page