Hickock45 runs an integrally suppressed AR.

An “intergrally suppressed” weapon means the barrel and the suppressor are designed and manufactured in conjunction with one another.  This gives superior performance for decibel reduction along with the use subsonic munition.  This differs to a traditionally suppressed weapon that mounts a suppressor/”can” to a regular barrel.

‘ve gotta admit that this seemed like the WORST introduction to shooting a handgun that I have seen in a while. I have successfully navigated hundreds of people through their first shot/shots with a handgun and EVERY last one of them walked away feeling like a champion. None of this limp-wristed, misaligned sight picture, shooting the target carrier bs!  I could go on and on about HOW to introduce people to firearms for the first time…but this is NOT how you do it.  In your opinion, what was wrong with this video?  -Colin


Here is a video of Ryan from Funker Tactical taking his own anti-gun liberal to the range with VERY different results.  It is not the BEST example of taking someone shooting for the first time, but the idea is to educate and go at the pace of the shooter ensuring that safety rules are understood and respected so as to create a comfort level that is conducive to the learning process.

A thief breaks into your house while you and your family are away.  He rummages through every drawer and shelf.  He finds your gun vault and begins to work on opening it.  He knows what’s inside and he wants to get his hands on it.  If you’ve spent good money on that vault, here’s to hoping they don’t get in.  He then checks the usual places in the bedroom where he knows guns are typically hidden.  Here’s to hoping he doesn’t find them.  In a perfect world, this would never happen.  But we don’t live in a perfect world.  Take a look at these videos and make a decision.  Are Tactical Walls a necessity in your home?


In this video SOOTCHOO sensibly talks about reasons for installing one of these units in your home.  In a recent break-in, the thieves walked right past the concealed weapons!


If you’ve seen any of the videos produced by “Everytown for Gun Safety” you’d realize that they are based on fear-mongering, sensationalized, scenarios meant to tug at heart strings that serve the anti-gun agenda. Four days ago a small YouTube channel called “Liberty PA” posted a devastating counter-punch to Everytown’s attack.  Have a look, and if you will, please continue to help this little channel’s parody go viral!


Here is the original video being parodied.

It started off with one of Instructor Zero’s fans sending him a link to a video.  It was of NRA Freestyle’s new show called Media Lab where they deconstruct Hollywood gun scenes and extract fact from fiction.  The show itself is well produced, well thought out and definitely worth checking out.  In the “Quick Draw” the show recreates a scene from Rambo where he engages 5 bad guys with 6 shots in under 2 seconds.  Despite the warning of “Do not try this at home” there was nothing stopping Zero from giving it a try.  Enjoy the video!