IraqVeteran8888 sets out to show just how lethal 9mm really is.  Guns are lethal devices and despite the fanboy caliber wars, we should all take notice that discharging a firearm can always be a lethal affair.

Watch this entertaining and informative collaboration between Griffin Armament and Military Arms Channel.

This gun has so many features that it puts 99% of it’s competitors to shame.  Check out MAC’s thorough review on the lefty-friendly Beretta ARX-100.

Hickock45 shoots some serious military grade hardware.  This is easily a $4k setup.  Some of us can only aspire to drop that kind of coin on a gun.

The Balisong or butterfly knife is either restricted, prohibited or illegal where you live.  Probably.  There are some places in the United States where this knife is totally legal.  Some states have restrictions on length, transportation, and concealment in public.  Native to the Batangas region in the Philippines (which is where GN from Funker Tactical grew up) the knife was born out of civil unrest and martial conditions.  To this day, Batangas is known as the “Wild West” of the Philippines where honor and integrity rule above the law.

The balisong’s notoriety stems not from being used in violent crime, rather it is the fun factor in wielding the balisong that has caused spikes in emergency room visits.  In this video, Doug Marcaida demonstrates how addictive the balisong can be while warning its users of its dark side.

WARNING:  The following video is very graphic and illustrates just how quickly things can go wrong.