UPDATE: Three Hostages have been released.  Reports still saying there are between 12 and 40 total in the cafe.

Sky News


ABC News


-At least 2 gunmen, suspected more right now. (unconfirmed if they have guns, however) [12:00 GMT]

-The gunmen forced 2 female hostages to press themselves against the glass window of the cafe while holding up a black Islamic flag that resembles the generic black standard used by extremist groups, including ISIS back in 2007. This is NOT the same flag as the ISIS flag. [12:02 GMT]

-There are at least 13 hostages right now, possibly more. [12:04 GMT]

-Airspace over Sydney reserved for military/police, other traffic diverted (confirmed) [12:09 GMT]

-Reports of threats made against other places in Sydney according to ABC24 (CONFIRMED). [12:14GMT]

-Reports that one of the gunmen is wearing a backpack and some sort of a vest. (unconfirmed) [12:24 GMT]

-Suspicious package at Sydney opera house, building fully evacuated (unconfirmed). [12:25 GMT]

-Gunmen have made demands on live radio to speak to the Australian Prime Minister. [12:30 GMT]

-A middle-aged looking gunman has been witnessed through the window by ABC24 [12:39 GMT] (unconfirmed).

-Possibly a second gunman witnessed through the window wearing a black headband with white writing in Arabic on it (unconfirmed) [12:42 GMT]

-Australian PM’s office releases message that the national security cabinet is holding an emergency meeting (hostage crisis confirmed), possibly Australian military response. [12:42 GMT]

-Sydney harbor bridge closed down (confirmed by Channel 7 news) [12:51 GMT]

-2 gunmen confirmed by unidentified Lindt chocolate cafe employee who managed to escape [12:54 GMT]

-Hostages being held in 2 different groups according to unidentified Lindt chocolate cafe employee who managed to escape [12:55 GMT]
Channel7 news reporting that an individual walked into a Sydney hospital with a suspicious package, and then disappeared and is currently missing. [12:57 GMT]

-CEO of Lindt Australia now saying that there are currently 40-50 hostages being held (unconfirmed) [12:58 GMT]

Source: Reddit /u/braindeathx

TOPS Knives is a proudly American knife manufacturer based out in the Rocky Mountains.  They produce some of the world’s most rugged knives used by survivalists and operators alike.  In this video we are taken behind closed doors into their factory by Andy Tran from the InnerBark Outdoors channel and Funker Tactical contributor.

Andy is well known for his soft spoken and richly detailed approach to survival tutorial videos.  In a survival situation calmer heads prevail and Andy certainly brings that very same mentality to the beautiful videos he produces.  As a Funker Tactical contributor, Andy will continue to present life saving tutorials to enrich our already diverse programming lineup.

Please take a moment to tell Andy in the comments below what kind of other videos you’d like him to produce.


According to reports by the New York Post: The viral video of a Syrian boy heroically dodging sniper fire to rescue a little girl is an actually an elaborate ruse intended to spark debate about “innocent children growing up in war,” its creators revealed Friday.

The article reveals that a Norweigan production company produced the video for a budget of $55,000.



Read the entire NY Post article here: http://bit.ly/1xGo6kq



In this recently released CCTV video a man is seen abandoning his little girl during an attempted armed robbery.  There were opportunities for immediate and aggressive action that the victim failed to recognize and capitalize on.  A lapse in situational awareness creates the ideal conditions to be victimized leading to this incredibly cowardice act.  Watch the video and comment with the 3 words you’d like to say to this cowardly man.


A Missed Opportunity

It was in this moment that the victim had the greatest opportunity to turn things around with violent and aggressive action.




A hostage taker holds a knife to a little girl’s neck as he is surrounded by onlookers and concerned citizens in Surigao City, Philippines.  As the video unfolds we see a man dressed in green, later identified as a sales clerk at retail store, leap forward and attempt wrist control on the hostage taker.  In a split second the daring rescuer is supported by the mob as the little girl is freed and vigilante justice is duly served.  Police quickly take over as they struggle to maintain order amid an angry crowd.

Later in the video we see the visibly battered hostage taker as he is escorted away from the scene by police.  The Philippines has a well documented history of police choosing lethal force in high risk hostage taking scenarios.  This brave store clerk may have saved more than one life on this day.