Thieves and violent criminals have some serious balls sometimes.  Makes one wonder what he had planned to do with that rifle.

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Three robbers bypass security measures when they attempt to sneak a gun into a bank in Brazil.  One accomplice distracts the security guard while the two others transport the firearm through a glass window.  The security guard, upon realizing what was happening quickly draws his gun and begins shooting at close range.  The robbers make a hasty retreat with at least one allegedly taking serious damage.

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A Jury in Erath County has found former Marine Eddie Ray Routh guilty of the Murder of Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield.  While the state is not seeking the death penalty, a guilty conviction for Routh does mean an automatic life sentence.

I hope the silver lining, if one may be found in this tragic event, is the attention it brings to the very serious issue of PTSD and its effects on our troops.

Statistics regarding the incredibly high suicide rate amongst combat veterans is an issue that demands our attention, and we at Funker Tactical have made it a priority to support veteran charities and do as much as we can to raise not only awareness, but also funds to get our troops the support and service that they so desperately need.

Don’t keep silent. If you are, or know of anyone suffering the debilitating effects of PTSD, reach out.  Let them know you are there to support them.  Help is available, but we must do more for these men and women who have given so much, and left even more behind in the theatres of combat that they were involved.

Please visit the below links in order to hep us raise money and awareness to support our armed forces.

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Kyle and Littlefield Families.

Train well, train often, and support our vets!


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If you think paracord bracelets were bad wait till you see this new product from leatherman!

Hope I can get my hands on one soon!



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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) is developing technology that would “revolutionize rifle accuracy and range” aimed at improving sniper effectiveness and troop safety.  Behold!  The self-guiding bullet capable of mid-flight trajectory change.  You read that correctly.

Dubbed the EXACTO – Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance this technology allows for maneuverable bullets guided by a real-time correction system accounting for flight trajectories to be corrected due to any number of volatile or unforeseen flight changing conditions.

The bullets are equipped with sensors that collect in-flight data that is transmitted to an internal system.  This data is interpreted and used to adjust the position of a series of “fins” on the projectile itself to auto-correct bullet trajectory.  You read that correctly again.

In the video below DARPA shows off this technology by intentionally aiming slightly off target and illustrating how the bullet trajectory is changed mid-flight to connect with the target.