If you didn’t understand yesterday’s video.  Here is the original.

Before you watch this and get all “internet gun ninja wizard” on them, it’s satire.  

I see a lot of people on social media bashing this father for his protection of his child’s innocent way of thinking. I have a son about the age of the young boy in the video. Rest assured that he will be raised a warrior gentleman. With that said, I would have probably replaced the word flowers with “hugs” because that’s our thing. I do not want my 5 year old to understand the things I understand. I do not want him to see the things I have seen and hear the things I have heard. He is learning, growing and is fired up happy 99% of the time. I will shield him from violence whenever I can, be it physical or intellectual thought. The day will come when he will need to know more. Not today, today he gets be a 5 year old. –Daniel Shaw

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Paul Carlson with Safety Solutions Academy Provides a detailed overview of the Honor Guard Single Stack 9mm.  The handgun has some interesting design features that are appealing.  I am interested in give it a chance to prove itself.  –Daniel Shaw

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This song touches a nerve with me even without the video.  Every time I watch it, the onion cutting ninjas sneak in and do their thing. It’s one of my favorites and from a band that loves liberty and makes a needed statement.

Do something this Veterans Day. Call your brother, check in, let them know they are loved and appreciated and then keep doing something everyday. –Daniel Shaw

Oh and Zoltan Bathory is one of us…a shooter. Follow him on Instagram

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