A man like Kris could have stepped up to any company and say, I like this, let me rep it. He chose this one. Daniel Shaw catches up with Kris “Tanto” Paronto at SHOT Show 2018 to discuss Maxim Defense’s attention to detail, and what goes into the latest and greatest product development. Using feedback from real-world operators and their experience in the most adverse battlefield conditions, Maxim Defense promises a product to solve operator problems, and look good doing it.

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The MI-T556 is a Fully Ambidextrous Rifle.

There are a lot of rifles that are accurate; some of them could be considered hard use and others – not so much.

AXTS Weapons is an Oregon based rifle and rifle accessory manufacturing company that most will recognize as the makers of the popular Raptor Charging Handle. If you have not heard, AXTS does more than make the best charging handle on the market, they also make an amazing rifle that manages to be hard use as well as accurate.  The AXTS MI-T556.


To me, accuracy is minute of man at the calibers (terminal ballistic) max effective range.   I won’t attempt to debate, prove or disprove any arguments on the 5.56’s capability. I will say that I have personally seen the 5.56 perform adequately at ranges just beyond 500 yards.  I say that to say that I want a rifle that goes as far as possible.


The MI-T556 Dressed for Distance.

Legend has it; the MI-T556 won a bet against a famous instructor after it hit 4 out 5 shots on a 10×10 plate at 1,450 yards. The first shot missed, hold was established, and the rest rang steel with the 77gr ammo. What is the bullet’s effectiveness at that distance? I don’t know, but I’m not going to stand out there and find out.

Below, you will find a video of the MI-T556 getting hits at 1,200 yards.

Shipping with the MI-T556 will be targets showing .5 MOA with 55, 62, and 77-grain ammunition.

The MI-T556 that I have has proven to be the most accurate rifle I have in the safe.

Hard Use.

I measure this by one question, would I deploy with the rifle?  The AXTS MI-T556 is as hard use at it gets. Eric Anderson of AXTS set out to prove this in an unusual manner.  He has taken the rifle to high round count classes taught by numerous high level instructors who push their students hard and their rifles even harder.


The Author Teaching with an AXTS MI-T556 LE Carbine Vitals Course for the Ohio Tactical Officers Association.

In every class, the MI-T556 shined as a rifle that has achieved both precision and reliability. Checkout the AXTS Weapons Facebook page to see all the after action reviews and photos from the classes.

If I were to be called back to active duty, which could happen, as I am a member of the Fleet Marine Force Reserve and obligated for beyond the next decade, the MI-T556 would be my rifle of choice.  Unfortunately I doubt I could sneak it there because its sex appeal would definitely make it stand out from the all the other rifles on the rack.

I will continue to run the MI-T556 hard and try to get it to fail and then determine where that failure point is.  At this point, I have not been successful in this endeavor.


The Owner and Man Behind the Product and Vision of AXTS.

Consistency in Manufacturing

AXTS chose to not spare any expense when it came to machining equipment. The aviation and aerospace machines they build the MI-T556 with surpass the typical equipment used in firearms manufacturing.

The most important part of any organization is its people.  The owner and management team are good solid people and are quickly becoming leaders in the industry.  One of the faces of the company, Eric Anderson, is known well in circles all around the industry as a trusted friend, mentor and patriot.  I trust the AXTS team and would trust my life to the products they sweat and bleed to produce.


Final Thoughts

At $2,895 the AXTS MI-T556 is not the rifle for everyone, but if you are not running a Raptor Charging Handle or Talon Safety yet, you should check them out for your current or next build. Additionally, the AXTS Black Nitride Bolt Carrier Group is a heck of a good deal on a great BCG.  -Daniel Shaw

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Exactly 2,016 rounds in four days through the VP9 with zero trouble.

From testing the Heckler & Koch VP9, I found that it could be my new favorite 9mm pistol. I would get rid of my Glocks and make the VP9 my every day carry if it wasn’t for one thing.

I have recently had a few H&K VP9’s in my classes and all the students shooting them had nothing but great things to say about them. They have always performed well with no stoppages, as I would expect from most any modern striker-fired handgun.   In one such class, I was able to shoot a couple of magazines through a VP9 and found it to be an accurate and comfortable gun. Since I have been seeing them more often in class, I decided to put one to the test in a 3 day 1,500 round course I was about to take as a student.

The course was different from any other course I had ever taken. It was not defensive or tactical in any way. Houston Shaw of Shaw Shooting explained that he teaches people to shoot faster and with more accuracy. After three days with Houston, I did shoot faster and with more accuracy and I did it with a handgun that I was unfamiliar with.


Groups fired during the first day of class. All groups are from 10 yards and fired under various conditions in terms of speed and target transitioning.

The course started with 5 stages where the instructor required us to shoot steel silhouette targets placed at various ranges from 15 to 25 yards. The idea was to gauge the shooter’s accuracy, speed in drawing, transitioning from target to target, and reloading. Using the VP9, I was able to achieve the fastest time of all the students in the class. My baseline speed on arrival was 83.22 seconds. I don’t mention that because I want a trophy. I think it is important to show that even though I most often shoot a Glock 17 or 19, I was able to pick up the VP9 and shoot it well without any dry or live practice before the class. I did not familiarize myself with the gun beforehand, so I could present the perspective of using an unfamiliar firearm under slight stress.

After our baseline testing, we began as most classes do, with discussions on sight alignment, trigger control, grip, etc. As we passed through each topic, we would shoot at three and four inch circles at 10 yards working to assemble the tightest possible groups. I was shooting 115 Gr. Blaizer Brass and was able to achieve approximately 1” groups. As I began to push speed and work the trigger faster, my groups would spread out, but I can’t exactly blame that on the VP9or the ammo. The gun was accurate and able to achieve consistent hits on silhouette targets out to about 50 yards during walk back drills.


15 round slow fire shot group at 10 yards from standing position. Tango Yankee Chip shown is normal clay poker chip size at 1.625 inches across.


The trigger on the VP9 sets the gun apart and aids in accurate shooting. I would even say that the trigger on the VP9 was an advantage I had over some of the other shooters in the class.

The trigger on the VP9 is the best stock trigger on any striker-fired handgun I have ever used and I have used them all. The trigger has a light take up and a crisp wall that manages to not be spongy like most striker-fired handguns.   The reset is positive and fast allowing a quick and precise trigger prep and press.






The VP9 has user configurable grip side panels and interchangeable backstraps to give the user the ability to adjust the circumference of the grip.

It is hard to choose just one feature that I like most on the VP9, but I keep going back to the feel of the grip. It just feels right. I hate to do it, but I have to quote every YouTube video review ever recorded and say, “It feels good in the hand.”

During the first day, I had to turn the gun in my hand during reloads to reach the trigger guard or as some refer to it as a European style magazine release. I chose to not attempt to burn any new neural pathways by using my trigger finger, so I stayed with using my thumb of my firing hand to release the magazine. Before we started day two, I changed out the backstrap on the VP9 for the smallest of the options and left side panels at the medium size. This allowed me to release the mag with my thumb much more efficiency.

The VP9 features a user replaceable backstrap and grip panels to adjust the feel and grip circumference of the weapon to suit individual preference. Being able to change out side panels as well as the backstrap makes the VP9 a customizable gun to fit a variety of shooter wants or needs.

A few manufacturers use the word ambidextrous to describe a user changeable control that allows the shooter to choose a side for the control. The VP9 is a full ambidextrous handgun with slide catch/release on the left and right hand sides of the firearm as well as an ambidextrous magazine release.


The forward leaning edge of the VP9 LE is perfect for one-hand slide manipulations.


Problem solving

Heckler and Koch designed the VP9 with problem solving in mind. A somewhat unique feature to the VP9 is the patented H&K charging supports on the rear of the slide that… support charging. I found that the charging supports are a great addition to the weapon as they offered a solid surface to gain a definite grip on the slide during manipulation.

The VP9 used in this review was the LE version. The rear night sight of the VP9 LE features a forward leaning edge to offer a suitable surface for one-hand slide manipulations. This is something that I feel is important and you can read why in my article “Solving Problems, One Hand at a Time.”


The forward and rear slide serrations are fairly aggressive offering an excellent texture for manipulating the slide.


Other problem solving features on the VP9 include forward and rear slide serrations. Grip cut outs at the base of the mag well allow the shooter an area to gain hold on the magazine for removal during stoppage clearances.

The Shaw Shooting course ended with all the students shooting the same timed drills we had on the beginning of the first day. Every student, save for one poor sap, was able to reduce their time. I was able to trim a few seconds off of my first time to finish the drills with a time of 77.76 seconds. The speed increase proved to be enough to take the title of top shooter in the class.

Could I have achieved the same results or better times with my Glock? I don’t know, but I do know that I did well with the VP9, it did not let me down, and I enjoyed shooting it throughout the course. Now I have to go buy one for myself.

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Daniel Shaw is a retired US Marine Infantryman now the Director of Training for Thunderbird Tactical in Wichita KS.



The VP9 was a bit dirty after testing. (Holster by Allen Holsters)


Closing in on the 1,200 round mark, the VP9 began to look the part.

USMC Infantry Unit Leader, Daniel Shaw delivers 6 key considerations when setting up your Chest Rig or Plate Carrier. Optimizing your load-out for ease of access following your natural path of movements is key in staying in the fight. Daniel shares anecdotal evidence of the importance of how loadout optimization may have saved some of his buddies’ lives during the Battle of Nasiriyah in 2003.


How do you set up your rig? And what are the considerations that you take when doing so?


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