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Five Gun Reviews in Under 1 Minute!

VuurwappenBlog’s honesty comes before all else and doesn’t get caught up in the ‘hype’ that is so prevalent in the civilian gun industry. Watch below to hear his to-the-point reviews on the Berretta 92, Bulgarian AK-74, Glock 19, Mossberg 500 and M&P9c. Refreshing.

Female Army Rangers will soon be a reality

The Army is opening up it’s premiere leadership course, Ranger School, to females and needs volunteers for both students and observers. Women who complete the Ranger assessment course as students will be awarded the Ranger tab to wear, but will not be awarded associated Ranger skill identifiers due to restrictions in Title 10, U.S. Code, […]

ATF E-Forms Online | Record Turnover Times!

Ever wanted to SBR your AR-15?  Not even sure what that means? Well, SBR stands for “Short Barreled Rifle”. Any rifle shorter with a barrel length shorter than 16″ must be registered as an NFA item through the ATF.  Traditionally, to “Form 1” your own lower receiver it was a strictly by-mail process that had […]


“Hollywood Quiet” | Intergrally suppressed .300 Blackout

Hickock45 runs an integrally suppressed AR. An “intergrally suppressed” weapon means the barrel and the suppressor are designed and manufactured in conjunction with one another.  This gives superior performance for decibel reduction along with the use subsonic munition.  This differs to a traditionally suppressed weapon that mounts a suppressor/”can” to a regular barrel.